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Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram Публикация от Корягин Алексей (@alexilight) // A sleepless night againI’m sitting near a fire-placeThinking…You’re not with me againI see the picture of your faceDrinking…Possibly you are sitting tooNear a fire-place, killing timeSo much time to our dateThere is no escape..I’m drinking wine oowI’m here with my business, you are there at homeOur wish is not to be aloneDon’t forget yourself, because your lifeIs an expectation of a new date with me tonightBut I can’t change anything, sorryWhy can’t we be just happy, worry!Everyday’s obstacles, something preventsI’m here, you’re there..Writing lyrics about eventsTry to understand and … Читать далее CREATED since 21X21